I’m back.

If I created this space so that I can be honest to whoever reads it, I suppose I should do just that.
It’s been a while since I’ve written. And to those wondering, no… I didn’t stop working out I just had a few things happen to me that have mustered my inspiration to write. I also feel like if I am going to try to inspire others, I have to take breaks when I myself am struggling to find it.

Things have changed. I went through a breakup and had my heart shattered. And it’s funny… because they say that when people are in pain or experiencing any sort of extreme emotions they are normally the best writers. I didn’t feel that way. I felt empty…and I think a part of me still does. And when you’re empty, the last thing you want to do is sit down and write about your feelings for others to read. Being vulnerable is scary.

But here I am, so I guess I’m taking baby steps.

I don’t want to give off the impression that with a broken heart, I sat in a dark room and cried for 6 months. That would be so dramatic. I am currently studying to get certified as a personal trainer. I’ve also been working a ton, for which I am grateful, as well as reestablishing relationships with friends. And learning to love myself all over again.

I have been keeping track of things that I would like to write about and I plan on writing about each and every one of them.
Even though I’m still recovering…. I’m back and ready to write.

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