A letter to dancers. Taking classes we want vs classes we need.

Dear Dancers,

I want/need to get something off my chest. From being able to be LA for a period of time it has become clear to me that not only are all dancers, including myself, creatures of habits but we are also so comfortable in those habits that we are afraid. Not afraid the same way we are scared of “paranormal activity” ….we are absolutely afraid to look foolish in class and in front of our fellow dancers.

You may say, “ that’s not me”. But before you rule yourself out of this equation ask yourself the following:

“When was the last time I tried a new teacher?”
“ Am I only taking classes that I know I will excel at?”
“ What style do I need to work on to further my career?”

Scary right?

I think it’s about finding a good fusion and allowing the classes that make your heart happy be the REWARD for your training in other areas of your craft. Take classes that will humble you and then take that one class that makes you so happy. Don’t just surround yourself with teachers that give you only praise. Go into a class and TRY. See who the teacher liked and notice the choices those dancers are making. Come back and try those things…and keep trying.
If we keep taking the same classes by the same teacher, how do we expect to evolve into the most talented generation of dancers the world has seen? Shouldn’t that be our goal? Have your own voice and allow dance to fuel your soul everyday but I think if we get out there as a team and put ourselves in areas of discomfort we can ASTOUND ourselves at what we are capable of.

Maybe a teacher you never thought could see something in you that you never even knew could be ignited?! WHAT IF???

Maybe, just maybe, show up at your regularly scheduled class time and hop into the other class.

Don’t let your class just be a giant love fest. It should be a challenge and you should feel inspired to be greater every time. You should never feel comfortable.

Reach a level of discomfort and embrace it.

Be responsible for your art. Do your part and do it well. It’s not meant to be easy.

Let’s dance and feel strange together….

See you in a different room,

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