Cleaning out the Laundry

I started this year by moving…literally. Movers at my house at 11am on January 1st. Some thought I was crazy but after traveling for years on end and realizing that this may be a year where I am actually home…there’s nothing quite like doing a life sweep.

By that I mean, going through old letters and remembering those moments. Actually throwing away the junk mail instead of just making a pile. Tossing out that single sock collection and the “the other one will show up one day” idea.( we all say it) Getting rid of clothes that i’ve been holding onto since 8th grade.
Yes, 8th grade.

In total I donated 9 bags of stuff. Clothes, shoes, and electronics. Take that hoarders!!

On a whole other level- i’m cleaning out my emotional laundry. Getting down to the root of some issues and really digging into what my core is made of. I’ve honed in on the fact of how much pride I take in doing things for myself. When I want it to happen, I fucking make it happen.

And right now mama wants a Hyundai santa fe sport….

This will be the first car I will go and get myself. The first car i’ve ever test driven. The first time I will sit down and sign these papers. I am going to be sad to say bye to Lola ( my scion TC) but it’s time to get a big girl car. It’s time to say goodbye to the last thing my parents financially helped me with. It’s just…time.


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