No matter where you are from or what circumstances you are under right now, everyone is familiar with the idea of “change”.

But it is our circumstances and where we are from that mold what we attach to the word. Once we have established that…if it’s not associated with a positive word…it is the act of putting the word into play that can manipulate our futures.!
Think about it. If everything that had ever changed in my life I had seen as a negative, I would do nothing but fight to ever see change as a good thing. Because the world and life had proven it otherwise.

But what if we could fix that? What if, just because all prior experiences were bad, we could be open enough to allow that word to be a good word? What a powerful idea.

In my life currently there are so many positive changes taking place. I have received them all graciously and quite excitedly to be honest. Whether I felt totally prepared when they initially started or not…none of that really matters. I was forced to flip on a new switch. And instead of webbing the door I was about to walk through with resistance…I laid down my weapons of restriction and walked right through. And man…. does it feel good.
For 2015, lets all try it. Let’s try to see change as wondrous thing. Let’s get out of our own way and not let our past define us. Because if you don’t let it, it won’t.

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