Category: Dance
Class Type: Jazz Funk
Location:Millenium Dance Complex
Teacher:Karon Lynn
Duration: 90 minutes

I’ve known Karon for quite some time now. And it still stands true that no one I know moves like him. Regardless of how tall he is, this guy is quick. One of my new year resolutions was to take more hip hop classes and develop a higher number on the swag scale. So here is one of my attempts at following through with my new years resolutions.I’m sure a lot of my dance video’s will be from his class…because I have a lot to learn from him.

Karon Lynn everyone:

Today I drew a DANCE card

Category: Dance
Performance: Lady Gaga Artpop album release
I’ll keep this short and say the woman standing next to me in this photo, has saved my life. Standing on stage next to her with the other dancers is home for me.


Today I drew a DANCE card

Category: Dance
Performance: Glee

As an edgy girl with a ton of tattoos, I had given up on the idea that I would ever be asked to put on a cheerio uniform. Turns out that due to modern makeup they can cover that shit right up! MY LUCK!

So there I am, jumping for G*d-Damn joy in my red uniform. It’s amazing how putting something so silly on can be a girls dream.
Although it was a long day, it was a freaking honor. All day I kept jumping around saying “ I’M A CHEERIO!”.

Working with Brooke, (the choreographer) has always been a goal, and once it happened, I realized why people speak so highly of her. She is SO funny!

I also LOVE me some good Janet Jackson tunes. So ONCE you watch the clip, you’ll understand why I was even more elated to be there.

Regardless of the long day, when the episode aired on Thanksgiving, my cheeks hurt from smiling.
Moral of this story: DO NOT GIVE UP! No matter the odds. It may not be a Cheerio uniform you’re fighting for but there are NO excuses for not reaching high.


Today I drew a DANCE card

Class type: Jazz Funk/ Contemporary ( 2 classes)
Location: Edge Performing Arts Center- California
Teacher: Brian Friedman
Price: $20 per class

Well I guess to start this it’s important to say that, as a dancer, if you don’t know who Brian Friedman is you should either:
A) Take two weeks off and then quit
B) Google the crap out of him

When I was about 16 he changed my life. He saw something in me, that at the point, that few people had seen in me. I then knew that I could actually be a professional dancer.

I always tell people before his class…it’s not always about getting the combo. It’s about learning from him. His VERY direct approach. There is no bullshit in that room with him…as there should be. As a human and dancer EVERYONE can learn from him.
In a room full (both times) of 100 kids, you have to stay focused on what is important. And that is YOU.

Get out of your comfort zone sometimes and take a leap and learn from someone great. Someone who has changed the game and knows exactly what it takes.

Besides a choreographer, Brian has accomplished things one could only dream of. He is a director, producer, dancer, and now has his own clothing line.

Check out his amazing line: