All About Kickboxing

Category: Fitness
Class Type: Kickboxing
Location:All About Kickboxing
Amount Paid: First class free
Duration: 1 hour

Alongside setting so many goals for 2015- for some strange reason I have really wanted to get into kickboxing. I have also NEVER taken a class until today. So I have no clue where my sudden interest sparked from…but hey… i’ve always acted on anything that comes to my mind. Which sometimes really works out for my favor, and sometimes it does not. On this gloomy LA day…it worked in my favor. “All About Kickboxing” opened in July of 2014 and Johnathan does most of the classes and owns the place. They said evening classes were normally busy but at my 9am decision to get there…it was just him and I. So I ,more or less, had a free private with him. Do not be intimidated if this ever happens to you. It’s one of the greatest ways to learn. You get one on one attention and learn so many things that you normally wouldn’t learn right away. Now… I am no wimpy deer…but this class SLAYED me. I thought I had it, and I did not. I was toast after the jump rope warm-up. I’ll nicely state that the class was “humbling”. It was so fun and worked so many muscles in my body that aren’t used to being worked. I accept your kickboxing challenge 2015. You will not be the workout that defy’s me. ( said in a superhero voice)


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