With a name like Sloan-Taylor, my momma knew I was destined to be a wildcard. With TOO much energy to spare, my mom kept the “ dancer” tradition in our family alive and put me in dance at the age of 3.

Although dance always remained #1, I dabbled in all sorts of athletics. Things such as: swimming, horseback riding, and track and cross-country. In my personal opinion, they were all just to keep my energy level at a steady 8. As I got older, I began to sift through the things I was involved in and I realized that despite how fun they all were I really just loved to run and dance.

At the age of 14 I came home and announced to my family that I would like to be a professional dancer when I grew up. After both my mom and dad were done crying because “ I was so much smarter than that” and “ it’s not a steady job”, they knew that in my diamond head I had already made up my mind. So they wiped their tears, swallowed their own personal thoughts, and let me figure it out.

So it was at the age of 14 I set a list of dance goals that were to be completed if I wanted to be a professional dancer.

I accomplished every freaking one of those goals. Nothing was going to stop me.

Trial and error lead me from Arizona to New Jersey and then finally to my home, my heart and soul, LOS ANGELES.

This year marks my 6th year here as well as my 6th year dancing professionally. Mainly with the AMAZING Lady Gaga who took a leap with this underdog, and I couldn’t thank her more if I tried.

Cue the phrase: Dream’s come true.

Alongside dancing I am still equally as passionate about fitness and living a healthy, happy, active lifestyle. So a few years ago I took it to a new level. Quoting Maya Angelou here would only be appropriate: “When you learn, teach, when you get, give”. I became yoga certified a few years ago and most recently Pilates certified on all equipment.

With the goal of getting a certification in something new every year, I am on my way.

I will dive into so many different kinds of workouts and review them in nothing but a positive way. I want to only suggest the best studios and teachers for those looking to get out of the house and break a sweat. Whether it be yoga, Pilates, spin, bootcamp, running, crossfit, etc…. I want to find it.

Being a girl with wild red and a sleeve a tattoo’s can cause people to put a negative connotation on me. I want to change that. Yes I am “ concerned about my future” and yes I dress “ weird” but open your minds and hearts and join me on this journey…. I dare you.

Stick with me. We’re going places.