Category: fitness
Class Type: Dancebody
Locations: LBKASS The Studio- Shrewsbury NJ
Teacher: LBKass
Duration: 1 hour
Amount Paid: 1st Class Free

Let me lay this out on the table to start for those that know me…”LB” is my sister Lauren.

I am not writing about her studio for a favor…I’m writing about it because my sister teaches the most amazing adult dance fitness classes.
As I’ve stated before… whenever I’m unsure about the workout I often times will look at the physique of the instructor. And as you can see in the photo, my sis in in INCREDIBLE shape. She is going to kill me for announcing her age but it does nothing but solidify what I’m saying. The woman standing next to me…. is 39 years old. (please jesus let this happen to me)

She has created numerous different classes where she incorporates music’s top hits along with high energy dance moves that often time require moments of controlled muscle work.

Aside from her incredible shape, you also know she’s onto something good with the amount of people that show up. There is no sign indicating where this studio is, it’s all word of mouth. Yet the teachers and the workout have brought in an average of 30-50 students PER CLASS.
My sister should be an inspiration to all moms/ adults who are looking to be in great shape and hate the gym. It’s not impossible, you just have to find something that makes you happy.

In the basement of a church, come get sweaty with people who just love to dance.


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