All About Kickboxing

Category: Fitness
Class Type: Kickboxing
Location:All About Kickboxing
Amount Paid: First class free
Duration: 1 hour

Alongside setting so many goals for 2015- for some strange reason I have really wanted to get into kickboxing. I have also NEVER taken a class until today. So I have no clue where my sudden interest sparked from…but hey… i’ve always acted on anything that comes to my mind. Which sometimes really works out for my favor, and sometimes it does not. On this gloomy LA day…it worked in my favor. “All About Kickboxing” opened in July of 2014 and Johnathan does most of the classes and owns the place. They said evening classes were normally busy but at my 9am decision to get there…it was just him and I. So I ,more or less, had a free private with him. Do not be intimidated if this ever happens to you. It’s one of the greatest ways to learn. You get one on one attention and learn so many things that you normally wouldn’t learn right away. Now… I am no wimpy deer…but this class SLAYED me. I thought I had it, and I did not. I was toast after the jump rope warm-up. I’ll nicely state that the class was “humbling”. It was so fun and worked so many muscles in my body that aren’t used to being worked. I accept your kickboxing challenge 2015. You will not be the workout that defy’s me. ( said in a superhero voice)



Category: Dance
Class Type: Jazz Funk
Location:Millenium Dance Complex
Teacher:Karon Lynn
Duration: 90 minutes

I’ve known Karon for quite some time now. And it still stands true that no one I know moves like him. Regardless of how tall he is, this guy is quick. One of my new year resolutions was to take more hip hop classes and develop a higher number on the swag scale. So here is one of my attempts at following through with my new years resolutions.I’m sure a lot of my dance video’s will be from his class…because I have a lot to learn from him.

Karon Lynn everyone:


Cleaning out the Laundry

I started this year by moving…literally. Movers at my house at 11am on January 1st. Some thought I was crazy but after traveling for years on end and realizing that this may be a year where I am actually home…there’s nothing quite like doing a life sweep.

By that I mean, going through old letters and remembering those moments. Actually throwing away the junk mail instead of just making a pile. Tossing out that single sock collection and the “the other one will show up one day” idea.( we all say it) Getting rid of clothes that i’ve been holding onto since 8th grade.
Yes, 8th grade.

In total I donated 9 bags of stuff. Clothes, shoes, and electronics. Take that hoarders!!

On a whole other level- i’m cleaning out my emotional laundry. Getting down to the root of some issues and really digging into what my core is made of. I’ve honed in on the fact of how much pride I take in doing things for myself. When I want it to happen, I fucking make it happen.

And right now mama wants a Hyundai santa fe sport….

This will be the first car I will go and get myself. The first car i’ve ever test driven. The first time I will sit down and sign these papers. I am going to be sad to say bye to Lola ( my scion TC) but it’s time to get a big girl car. It’s time to say goodbye to the last thing my parents financially helped me with. It’s just…time.



No matter where you are from or what circumstances you are under right now, everyone is familiar with the idea of “change”.

But it is our circumstances and where we are from that mold what we attach to the word. Once we have established that…if it’s not associated with a positive word…it is the act of putting the word into play that can manipulate our futures.!
Think about it. If everything that had ever changed in my life I had seen as a negative, I would do nothing but fight to ever see change as a good thing. Because the world and life had proven it otherwise.

But what if we could fix that? What if, just because all prior experiences were bad, we could be open enough to allow that word to be a good word? What a powerful idea.

In my life currently there are so many positive changes taking place. I have received them all graciously and quite excitedly to be honest. Whether I felt totally prepared when they initially started or not…none of that really matters. I was forced to flip on a new switch. And instead of webbing the door I was about to walk through with resistance…I laid down my weapons of restriction and walked right through. And man…. does it feel good.
For 2015, lets all try it. Let’s try to see change as wondrous thing. Let’s get out of our own way and not let our past define us. Because if you don’t let it, it won’t.

I’m back.

If I created this space so that I can be honest to whoever reads it, I suppose I should do just that.
It’s been a while since I’ve written. And to those wondering, no… I didn’t stop working out I just had a few things happen to me that have mustered my inspiration to write. I also feel like if I am going to try to inspire others, I have to take breaks when I myself am struggling to find it.

Things have changed. I went through a breakup and had my heart shattered. And it’s funny… because they say that when people are in pain or experiencing any sort of extreme emotions they are normally the best writers. I didn’t feel that way. I felt empty…and I think a part of me still does. And when you’re empty, the last thing you want to do is sit down and write about your feelings for others to read. Being vulnerable is scary.

But here I am, so I guess I’m taking baby steps.

I don’t want to give off the impression that with a broken heart, I sat in a dark room and cried for 6 months. That would be so dramatic. I am currently studying to get certified as a personal trainer. I’ve also been working a ton, for which I am grateful, as well as reestablishing relationships with friends. And learning to love myself all over again.

I have been keeping track of things that I would like to write about and I plan on writing about each and every one of them.
Even though I’m still recovering…. I’m back and ready to write.

A letter to dancers. Taking classes we want vs classes we need.

Dear Dancers,

I want/need to get something off my chest. From being able to be LA for a period of time it has become clear to me that not only are all dancers, including myself, creatures of habits but we are also so comfortable in those habits that we are afraid. Not afraid the same way we are scared of “paranormal activity” ….we are absolutely afraid to look foolish in class and in front of our fellow dancers.

You may say, “ that’s not me”. But before you rule yourself out of this equation ask yourself the following:

“When was the last time I tried a new teacher?”
“ Am I only taking classes that I know I will excel at?”
“ What style do I need to work on to further my career?”

Scary right?

I think it’s about finding a good fusion and allowing the classes that make your heart happy be the REWARD for your training in other areas of your craft. Take classes that will humble you and then take that one class that makes you so happy. Don’t just surround yourself with teachers that give you only praise. Go into a class and TRY. See who the teacher liked and notice the choices those dancers are making. Come back and try those things…and keep trying.
If we keep taking the same classes by the same teacher, how do we expect to evolve into the most talented generation of dancers the world has seen? Shouldn’t that be our goal? Have your own voice and allow dance to fuel your soul everyday but I think if we get out there as a team and put ourselves in areas of discomfort we can ASTOUND ourselves at what we are capable of.

Maybe a teacher you never thought could see something in you that you never even knew could be ignited?! WHAT IF???

Maybe, just maybe, show up at your regularly scheduled class time and hop into the other class.

Don’t let your class just be a giant love fest. It should be a challenge and you should feel inspired to be greater every time. You should never feel comfortable.

Reach a level of discomfort and embrace it.

Be responsible for your art. Do your part and do it well. It’s not meant to be easy.

Let’s dance and feel strange together….

See you in a different room,


Category: fitness
Class Type: Dancebody
Locations: LBKASS The Studio- Shrewsbury NJ
Teacher: LBKass
Duration: 1 hour
Amount Paid: 1st Class Free

Let me lay this out on the table to start for those that know me…”LB” is my sister Lauren.

I am not writing about her studio for a favor…I’m writing about it because my sister teaches the most amazing adult dance fitness classes.
As I’ve stated before… whenever I’m unsure about the workout I often times will look at the physique of the instructor. And as you can see in the photo, my sis in in INCREDIBLE shape. She is going to kill me for announcing her age but it does nothing but solidify what I’m saying. The woman standing next to me…. is 39 years old. (please jesus let this happen to me)

She has created numerous different classes where she incorporates music’s top hits along with high energy dance moves that often time require moments of controlled muscle work.

Aside from her incredible shape, you also know she’s onto something good with the amount of people that show up. There is no sign indicating where this studio is, it’s all word of mouth. Yet the teachers and the workout have brought in an average of 30-50 students PER CLASS.
My sister should be an inspiration to all moms/ adults who are looking to be in great shape and hate the gym. It’s not impossible, you just have to find something that makes you happy.

In the basement of a church, come get sweaty with people who just love to dance.